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December 17, 2017

Christmas Market at College Sint Anthonys

Our Veerle and Kelly stood in yesterday for ACE-Charity at the Christmas market in College Sint Anthonys. Making people aware of what is happening and highlighting ACE in Spain is very important and they have done very well!

Peterke, Gaudi and Parcifal

Hello dear people,

Here finally are some pictures of the fellows -  as you can see everything going fine with them.
Peterke is in his puberty and is a delicious boy - he quietly runs for kilometres every morning in the forest, together with Gaudi.

Gaudi is very active and I'm convinced that there is Galgo blood in him, hihi.  Parcifal is sprightly and runs in the field despite being more than 8 years old.

Very happy holidays to all and a big hug for everyone in Spain!

December 16, 2017

He was spotted by Victor, one of our people, ... He was visiting friends with his girlfriend and were on their way home again when they noticed this poor fellow in the middle of the highway, perilous, all the more so because in Spain no one or almost no one stops, ... Miraculously they got the help of a few other drivers in the rescue of this Galgo, ... One of the thousands of Galgos left to its fate, or run away from hell, escaping from a hunter, ... Victor, which is the name we gave him, after his  savior, moved further away and in panic .... how could he carry one, it was unbelievable. For when they could finally catch him he was completely exhausted, he could go on no longer, his paws were completely raw, his body full of wounds from God knows what, ... Where he has lived and what he has experienced, he can not tell us.  He is quiet and afraid and must have come from very far, ... He is saved now, his world is in our hands, it will take time and patience, adaptability and especially surrounded by people who want to give him that opportunity, ... Slowly but surely he will be able to leave the past behind, ...

For more information about Victor - please click here.

Fabienne's Dog of the Day: Flap

Flap and Flip are two very beautiful brothers who were found on the streets ... two unwanted pups that are not the cause, but the result of totally irresponsible owners. Thank God this duo is now safe and secure with us and they are happy, cheerful dogs without any care on their heads. They skip and play around, play with everything and everyone and are ideal family dogs to raise and shape themselves, according to their own wishes and standards. Who will put our Flap quickly on the right track so that he does not have to lose too much valuable time in the shelter? He will not disappoint you for a minute and will certainly give you years of great friendship, that's for sure ...

Update: Corvi - December 2017

In August we picked up Corvi in Belgium from his foster mum and took him to his golden basket in Almere (NL).

He is is a lovely dog full of life and very naughty and with a strong will of his own. In the beginning he was pretty anxious, but luckily that is already a lot less. Corvi likes running, long walks and playing with his rope. He knows a number of commands such as '' place '' but hey if he does not feel like it ... then he runs cheekily under the table and looks at you mischievously. Our 3-year-old son is also crazy about Corvi and they get on very well together. So our Corvi is a lovely treasure !! He was also very good at the vet.

We are very happy that we have saved a dog and are very satisfied with the organization and all the information and help we received during the adoption of Corvi.

woefffff greetings from Almere

It's been three weeks already and everything is going really well with Coton ...

He listens well and likes to make new friends. Coton has already become acquainted with almost everyone in our family, and that all went fine.

He can handle other dogs well, including males. And the relationship between Coton and our rabbit Toboe is gradually improving. He is also very sweet with children, he will show it if he does not feel like it anymore.

Coton is also happy to sit under the Christmas tree.
We wish everyone a great holiday!
Lots of love,
Jochem, Avalon, Coton and Toboe


Beerje (Bear) is on the right of the picture. He is still comical!
He knows how to engage with everyone and wants to be human and animal friends with everybody.
People become happy when they see Bear - he does not run, he jumps more like a rabbit and like a rabbit pouf - he's off!! Fortunately he always comes back
We are super happy with this wonderful free spirit❤️