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October 21, 2017


Dear Everyone,

I haven't posted much last weekend or this one. When I am away I don't always have access to the technology I need for the blog i.e. my computer :)

Also, I am preparing a feature on our beautiful and very dear oldies and it's taking some time to put together. I may just do a few at a time so there aren't too many gaps in the posts.

I will certainly be posting again at the latest mid week.

So once again, I am really sorry but will make it up by doing lots more posts shortly.

Love Clodagh

October 15, 2017

ISIA (IZZY), sister of IRMA and ISAMAR

I just saw the pictures of IRMA and ISAMAR, on the blog. They arrived at Schiphol on 13th October.  We have had their third sister ISIA (now renamed IZZY) with us since 16th September. She is clever, obediant and occasionally a joker. She had already adjusted after just a month. I thought it might be nice for the other owners to know how she's doing. Here are some pictures.

Diverderag has nothing to play with :)

foto van Perra van Wel.

foto van Perra van Wel.

foto van Perra van Wel.


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foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

Loulou jumped into the car spontaneously ...

When our volunteers were searching for a mother in distress after we'd ad a call about her, they suddenly came across Loulou, who was in a very advanced state of neglect. This oldie had a huge bump on her body, her skin was in a terrible state, she was not making a fuss about it. This weak dog came to them for a hug and didn't want to leave their side.

Suddenly, her owner showed up. He told them that a horse had stamped on her and she had been walking with this lump ever since. He hadn't done anything about it. Even though she looked so bad, he had nothing to say for himself. " What did they expect him to do about it" he said? He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Take her with you, I don't need her any more, I have no more use for him."

Loulou did not look back once, she jumped straight into the car and became one of ours ... Finally she is getting the care she needs. Loulou has a warm and sweet character, even though she has never known love.

Milka Puffy, a young mother who lost all of her kittens.

Milka Puffy, a young mother that lost all of her kittens...

Milka Puffy was probably dumped at a very young age. She lived in a cat colony that gets food everyday.  We try to be in time and sterilize as many as possible, but unfortunately there are sometimes cats when we are not in time.

This sweetheart with a gentle character and focussed on people, was found in the stem of an old tree, together with her kittens. When we wanted to take them, we saw that none of the kittens was alive.... the mother kept licking them like she was hoping that they would come back to life... but help came too late.

We took Milka Puffy with us, all confused and fighting for her kittens. She was rushed into surgery... the circumstances she had to live in were inhumane... Milka Puffy is slowly doing better, is being taken good care of and is now an affectionate cat. Click here for more information.

Milka Puffy, a young mother that lost all of her kittens...

Our Beagles.

We all know how these innocent, defenseless dogs, and so many other animals, come into the hands of laboratories.

We were able to save a few from the university of Cordoba - 4 of them were lucky enough to come into our hands, thanks to a vet who wanted to give them a bit of hope after years of being used for testing. 
Xantos, Denise, Remy and Zander are saved. In the beginning they were in shock but we are all so surprised at how well they have adjusted.
How they come up to us for a nice cuddle and are immensely thankful for every cuddle, every pet on the head... they are beginning to play, are going to the play field with the other dogs... it was a surprise how happy they still can be.

Denise, the female is the most timid one, but she is happy to cling onto you, the tail wags so hard once she knows you. 

The boys were more assertive - happy characters. It will be really worth it to give one of them a warm basket. Beagles are lovely dogs, always in a good mood and they will make you smile everyday. Whatever happens in your life, they will always be there with their funny ways. They have good characters, are ocassionally a bit stubborn but even that can be discussed...

Also Einstein, Tango and Yerik are still waiting for their golden baskets... everyone a true sweetheart. Give one of them a chance... they are the most thankful sweethearts...